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Attention whore
Tila Tequila, you are an embarrassment to all Vietnamese women. I demand you stop your silly shenanigans now! Urgh...

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i forgot she's viet

seems like every race got that ONE fool that makes EVERYBODY look bad as a whole.

I always thought she was hot.

Except for the fake titties.

hhahaha ohhh my god tila i love you


If you try to focus hard enough maybe you can telepathically pop them.

I don't think people actually associate her with Vietnam, at least not to the point of assuming all Vietnamese women are like that.
I'm sure they're aware that the country also produces hot prudish smart artists/fashion desginers.

(Deleted comment)
Oh my gosh, her twitter is AWFUL.

I think she's hot. It's a shame she's a dumb bitch.

I don't get it.. but then again I can't seem to focus on her face... damn you big-B's!

Is it because she looks like a porn-star? :O

No, it's because she acts like an attention-whore moron. D:

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