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K N O C K - K N O C K

a photo journey

Ngoc Le
22 August 1988
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1984, 2nd hand, 80's, a clockwork orange, a perfect circle, abortion, accessories, american psycho, anatomy, anna sui, art, asia, asian boys, audrey kawasaki, bi, black eyed peas, bleach, body parts, bones, books, bret easton ellis, buck tick, buddha, cali gari, cherry filter, china, chinese movies, coffee shops, cooking, crooked teeth, d'espairs ray, didgeridoo, dir en grey, discovery chanel, dissection, doll heads, doodling, dragons, drawing, dreams, durian icecream, edward gorey, entang wiharso, environment, f.i.r., fake?, falun gong, fashion, fashion design, fetuses in jars, fish sauce, fishnet, franz ferdinand, frida kahlo, fruits, garage sales, gay rights, geisha, gel pens, getting mail, gia vang, giving presents, good food, handmade items, history, hnaoto, hong kong, independent films, j, j.d. salinger, jay chou, jean-michel basquiat, journals, kagerou, kagrra, kai hoang, king ly chee, korea, korean dramas, lab., languages, layers, leopard print, liberalism, life, los angeles, lost in translation, love, macabre things, madeth gray'll, making clothes, making icons, mannequins, mask, meditation, middlesex, mirrors, mucc, music, new york, nguyen quang huy, nguyen tan cuong, nightmares, nudes, old clothes, our lady peace, painting, penicillin, photography, photoshop, pierrot, plaid, poetry, pretty things, reading, rock music, s.h.e., safety pins, saigon, scarves, scissor, seo taiji, sewing, shopping, silver ash, skeletons, skulls, soy milk, soy sauce, stars, street fashion, thailand, the pillows, the trax, the virgin suicides, the yellow monkey, thrift shops, traveling, udon, ugly things, used clothing, vendetta red, vidoll, vietnam, vietnamese, web cam, writing, x japan, yoga,