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Friends Only

If you're only interested in seeing my outfit photos, then please visit my fashion blog:


If you want to be added to read personal entries, then comment here and introduce yourself.


(Deleted comment)
Buahaha hey sexy lady, added ya! :DD
and a Happy New Year to you too
You get some rest tonight, sounds like you had a busy day.

Hello Future Self! :3

I love reading your old journal, it is awsome. You are cute, weird, funny, interesting, inteligent and dare I say it....very hot. @,@;

*bows* Please add me! ;,;

I love every one of your entries XD

Don't forget meee! Multipass!

Buaha I can't forget you, Don! XDDD adddedd

OMG WTHECK YOU HAVE YOUR OWN DOMAIN THAT'S AWESOME! am i a loser and didn't notice this before!? or is it new.. anyway that's soooo cool.

I didn't comment often, but I've adored reading your entries, you're so funny/down-to-earth/talented! I'd love to be added. :)

Ehehe thank you pretty girl :D and you are too!
Added ya back

add? I'll love to be able to continue to read your entries.

And I love reading yours
You're so cool & talented, AND know the best sites for online shopping!
Added XD

You added me in hysteria_type_a and I always like reading your entries, even though I rarely comment. I'd be glad if you'd keep me on your flist. :)

Girl, I barely comment on anyone's these days but hey, I'd love to keep you on! And read yours when I am not busy. Added XD

I'm adding this brand spankin' new journal of yours. You're pretty awesome and I want to keep reading!

IS THAT CAMERON IN YOUR ICON?! Cause I looooveeee House M.D. ... great show, great show
You're awesome too XD addeddd


I'm adding you because I like your old journal...=) Add me back?

I like yours too, *keepers* XD

i added your post high school journal. por favor keep me in the loop :)

That's a given, girl XDDD

I added this one! Add me, por favor?

Of course, dahhhling :)

because i am so obsessed with your art: i'd like to remain on ze list of your friends ;B

♥ Michelle

Harhar! and I'd like to remain on yours XD

i cant believe i even have to comment to be added....*kicks alice*

hey babes, i added you here! hope you add me back . . .

does this mean you won't use earth_lie_sky either?

Of course I add you back XD
Hmm.. I don't think so. Everything before 2006 is discarded! Gotta start new, buahah

Add me? My little flickr pal.

add me?! :]
I enjoyed reading your old journal.
Happy Be-lated new year!

Hey! I still read your journal!! Add me to this one so I know how you're making it big in the fashion world? :-D

hey, again :D
add me? i know i'm late... but life has been in the way lately. i'd love to keep reading your lovely entries.

Hehe, I agree with life being in the way.
Added! :)

Can I still be your LJ-friend? :)

Buaha of course, lovey! :D


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