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Sex and ANOTHER city?!
Ok. I love Sex and the City. I could watch all 6 seasons over and over again. The reason I probably like it so much is because it's an escape for me. These four women's lives are so different from mine and it's fun to watch. The pretty fashion eye candy plays a major part in my addiction too.

I read on Asos that they're filming a sequel to the Sex and the City movie in London. My first thought, "Oh god."

As if we hadn't already raised our excitement levels to 'optimum' after hearing about the SATC sequel, the girls go that one extra Monolo further and drop the big one on us...(Look away now to avoid MEGA spoilers!)

According to Grazia, we'll be treated to a case of Sex and Another City as scenes are to shoot in London over a six week period this winter. And not just any old scenes, pivotal scenes - with our favourite fairy tale couple: Carrie. And. Big. The relocale emerges after Big loses his bazillions and is forced to take a job in London, living alone in a one bedroom flat (*gasp* we hope Carrie doesn't have to give up that perfect walk in wardrobe!)
Sadly, Carrie's fairy tale comes to an abrupt halt (again!) when Big tells her he slept with another woman and she is forced to fly out to confront him. But it's not until she finishes with Mr Big Stuff that she gets the biggest shock of all: she's pregnant!! Wow, with all this drama going on we hope Carrie can take some time out for a little retail therapy around Bond Street (or even a little trot down Oxford Street if Big's plastic is running low...)

On the fashion front we hear Patricia Field will be back in the hot seat, glamming up the girls for the second theatrical installment and Vivienne Westwood may even being giving a helping hand - now there's a collab we'd LOVE to see.

COME ON, PEOPLE! Can you give these two a break?! Seriously. Is Big cheating really that necessary to the storyline? They could have just left that completely out and it would still be a good movie. Urgh. Still, I know I'm going to go see it, because I'm a SATC addict.

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They're all ugly.

Especially that super ugly horse woman sarah jessica parker.
EWW so ugly.

Who likes that crap?!

I think she was already struck.
That's why she looks the way she does!

You're mean... *cries*

Ugh.. girls :P I've seen like a few random eps/clips of satc and I hated it x_x My sisters are also addicted to it though :p

I hear Big (the actor) hasnt signed up to do the movie yet because he wants more money for it. I hope thats not true because hes going to have a big role in the upcoming sequel. They said that if he doesnt join the group, then theyll have to replace him with another Big, but that wont ever be the same. Hopefully, he realizes hell be losing more if he doesnt join the group.

On the other hand, I thought Westwood dissed the first movie, saying how she didnt even want to contribute with the dress and all? That could just be a rumor, but I absolutely love Patricia Field.

PS Im a big SATC addict too. Haha.

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