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I've been using a new blog of mine: hystericgirl.blogspot and was too lazy to cross-post to LJ..
I syndicated the blogger account to LJ, so you guys can keep up with posts on your friends list without having to navigate away from LJ. hystericgirl was taken, so I'm making due with hystericgirl_le.

If you want to have my blogger posts on your LJ friends list, then just click here and choose "Add this feed to your friends list for news aggregation...".

If you're going to comment and want a reply from me, be sure to do it directly on the blogger site, and not from the feed post. I'll still use LJ for more personal posts, and to read friends' entries. School is very hectic this semester so my hours on the internet and commenting have gone way down. Sorry guys. :( For now I'm just spamming blogger with materialistic/fashion crap..

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what's the difference between blogspot and LJ?

...how do blogspot adds work?

One big thing is no ads! I like the layout options and easy customization. Blogger doesn't have the reply to comments option though, so you have to install a plugin like Disqus..

This post explains it well too:

You have to go to the dashboard on your blogger account and add my blog url to the daily reads list.

I'll add link to your blogspot from my blog too ;)
I've missed your outfits posts but now I know where you are at *chu chu chu*
here is my blogspot http://siamesemeow.blogspot.com/ haven't active much :( but I'll try my best after I quit this job and everything haha

i was wondering where you've been! i missed seeing your entries!

i've added the feed. i am such a n00b with feeds and syndication and whatever, no idea how this works but i made sure i could see the latest entry.

really like this photo a lot.

where do you go to school again? i swear, ive asked like ten times XD.


No wonder I havent been seeing your wonderful fashion posts around LJ. I was starting to miss them. :) Anyway, Im definitely adding your account so I can still read your posts. If you dont mind, that is. :D

I added your feed, wheee ^^!
& great outfit as always ♥

for some reason yr post just exploded my computer's poor little brain. thanks. :X

i was wondering where you ran away to!

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