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New official Blog
Hey everyone, I have set up a new official art blog. You can keep up with my art progress there. I use Livejournal for very private personal entries so you won't see me post my art here very often. So please bookmark this site: AliceLe.com. You can even subscribe to have updates emailed to you. :) 

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Junior Block Portfolio Review
My university is a little strange because of the art portfolio review process. Any student can choose to major in an art program without submitting a portfolio. But after taking intermediate classes in your concentration (Photography, Graphic Communications, Painting, etc.), acceptance into the Major Concentration is by competitive portfolio review. That's the only way to graduate. You only get two chances in Painting to try out for the major concentration. After that, you're out of luck and you have to change majors. This semester I have been painting my ass off to get ready for the Junior Painting block review. There were countless sleepless nights and forgetting to eat. I was so stressed out this week because the block review was today. But I am so glad it's over. I can finally take a little breather.

Only about 14 out of 30 students each semester get accepted into the program. Sometimes even less. I had a small panic attack when I went into the review room and saw tons of students hanging up their work. It was so overwhelming.

My paintings were all 30x40" so the wall space was very limiting. Each student only had a TEENY bit of wall space. I think my wall was the one with the most space. I still ended up having to lean some of my paintings against the wall instead of hanging them up. There are four judges who will look over all of the work tomorrow morning at 8:30 AM. Results will be posted by 10:30 AM. My professor says that I shouldn't worry so much. He really thinks I won't have a problem getting in. I hope he's right...

I took some shitty pictures from my cell phone of a few of the students' work. There were a lot of good ones. It's so interesting to see each person's style. What excites me is when you start to recognize someone's painting because of their very distinct style.

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Mike's work. I really like his style. It's gritty and usually has a political/war theme that meshes with cartoon-like figures.
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Oh my god. I hope I get accepted.
*freaking out*


Star Whores - Episode IV

Yes... you know you want to read it. Found this on literotica (don't ask why I was there!) and it is HILARIOUS. Star Wars fans, rejoice! AHAHAHAHA.


by assco©


Episode IV.


It is a period of civil

war. Pursued by the Empire's

sinister agents, horny Princess Leia

races home aboard her starship, custodian

of the stolen plans that can restore freedom to the galaxy...


The Blockade Runner was dwarfed by the vast wedge of the Imperial Star Destroyer. Its drive destroyed, the smaller craft was swallowed by the Imperial warship. Stormtroopers boarded the ship and any resistance was quickly overpowered. Princess Leia found herself brought before the towering Dark Lord Darth Vader.

"Darth Vader. Only you could be so bold," pouted Leia.

"We know the plans were beamed aboard this ship," said Vader. "And we will find them..." and he reached out a massive black hand and caught Leia between the legs, "Wherever you have hidden them."

Leia found herself lifted off the deck by Vader's enormous hand. His iron finger pressed through her thin robe and found her slit. Leia moaned and wiggled and she slipped deeper onto the Dark Lord's finger. Taking hold of Vader's control panel she pushed harder and his finger sank to the last knuckle. Her robe bunched around her groin and her bare legs danced six inches over the deck. "Yes," she gasped, "No! Keep looking! I mean, you'll never find them!"

Vader looked bemusedly at the writhing princess as the stormtroopers exchanged secret glances.

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Attention whore
Tila Tequila, you are an embarrassment to all Vietnamese women. I demand you stop your silly shenanigans now! Urgh...

Your mom.

I don't know how, but I got to this after googling bras d'honneur. el oh el.

Sex and ANOTHER city?!
Ok. I love Sex and the City. I could watch all 6 seasons over and over again. The reason I probably like it so much is because it's an escape for me. These four women's lives are so different from mine and it's fun to watch. The pretty fashion eye candy plays a major part in my addiction too.

I read on Asos that they're filming a sequel to the Sex and the City movie in London. My first thought, "Oh god."

As if we hadn't already raised our excitement levels to 'optimum' after hearing about the SATC sequel, the girls go that one extra Monolo further and drop the big one on us...(Look away now to avoid MEGA spoilers!)

According to Grazia, we'll be treated to a case of Sex and Another City as scenes are to shoot in London over a six week period this winter. And not just any old scenes, pivotal scenes - with our favourite fairy tale couple: Carrie. And. Big. The relocale emerges after Big loses his bazillions and is forced to take a job in London, living alone in a one bedroom flat (*gasp* we hope Carrie doesn't have to give up that perfect walk in wardrobe!)
Sadly, Carrie's fairy tale comes to an abrupt halt (again!) when Big tells her he slept with another woman and she is forced to fly out to confront him. But it's not until she finishes with Mr Big Stuff that she gets the biggest shock of all: she's pregnant!! Wow, with all this drama going on we hope Carrie can take some time out for a little retail therapy around Bond Street (or even a little trot down Oxford Street if Big's plastic is running low...)

On the fashion front we hear Patricia Field will be back in the hot seat, glamming up the girls for the second theatrical installment and Vivienne Westwood may even being giving a helping hand - now there's a collab we'd LOVE to see.

COME ON, PEOPLE! Can you give these two a break?! Seriously. Is Big cheating really that necessary to the storyline? They could have just left that completely out and it would still be a good movie. Urgh. Still, I know I'm going to go see it, because I'm a SATC addict.


I've been using a new blog of mine: hystericgirl.blogspot and was too lazy to cross-post to LJ..
I syndicated the blogger account to LJ, so you guys can keep up with posts on your friends list without having to navigate away from LJ. hystericgirl was taken, so I'm making due with hystericgirl_le.

If you want to have my blogger posts on your LJ friends list, then just click here and choose "Add this feed to your friends list for news aggregation...".

If you're going to comment and want a reply from me, be sure to do it directly on the blogger site, and not from the feed post. I'll still use LJ for more personal posts, and to read friends' entries. School is very hectic this semester so my hours on the internet and commenting have gone way down. Sorry guys. :( For now I'm just spamming blogger with materialistic/fashion crap..

Let me smell you dick...
They won't led me embed the video... but damn it is LMAO~



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